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Non-Invasive Cardiology

Cardiac specialists at the Shawnee Mission Heart & Vascular Center use progressive approaches to assess patients’ heart function in an accredited laboratory. Medical technology makes it possible to evaluate the heart’s strength and function non-invasively.

An echocardiogram (ECHO), one of the most common procedures, uses high-pitched sound waves to produce an image of the heart that can be viewed on a video screen. The ECHO evaluates heart wall thickness and motion, as well as the structure and function of the heart valves. This helps identify problems such as poor blood flow in the heart, areas of heart muscle that are not contracting normally, previous injury to the heart muscle caused by impaired blood flow and evidence of heart failure or a blood clot.

Non-invasive procedures offered at the Shawnee Mission Heart & Vascular Center include:
• Electrocardiogram
• Holter monitor
• Echocardiogram (2D, M-Mode, contrast, color, CW and PW doppler)
• Stress echocardiography (both pharmacological and exercise)
• Transesophageal echocardiography
• Dual isotope stress tests
• Elective cardioversion
• Tilt-table testing.

For more information about non-invasive cardiology, call the NurseLine at 913-676-7777.
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