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Behavioral Health Inpatient Services

Shawnee Mission Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Unit is an inpatient program with two components - mental health stabilization and medical detoxification from addictive substances. 

For individuals needing crisis mental health stabilization services, we offer around the clock care to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable while they work with our team of specialized professionals to achieve stability and wellness. In addition to working individually with a psychiatrist on a daily basis for medication management, patients also benefit from our integrated team of caregivers including psychiatric nurses, clinical and expressive therapists, behavioral health associates, pharmacists, chaplains, and dietitians.

Our enhanced program of therapeutic groups empower patients in holistic ways ranging from morning yoga to building coping skills and learning to process emotions effectively. Patients will gain the skills needed to build a firm foundation for recovery from mental health issues such as mood disorders, stress-related problems, life transitions, family problems, grief and loss, trauma, and anxiety or panic disorders.

Our focus on addiction recovery is another component of the Behavioral Health Unit. For some individuals, the necessary first step to sobriety is detoxing from alcohol, drug and/or medication addictions in a safe and therapeutic environment.  A comprehensive assessment will assist in determining what level of care is needed as some addictions can be safely treated in an outpatient setting.  Our blended team of medical professionals and addiction recovery therapists work hand in hand to provide patients not only with complete safety while detoxing but also recovery based groups and tools to begin building the important foundation of maintaining sobriety. Additionally, because we recognize the significance of an ongoing support system to achieve recovery, our patients are offered a family meeting facilitated by a licensed therapist.

For patients who have a need for both mental health and addiction recovery services, our comprehensive inpatient Behavioral Health Unit provides the team and environment to meet the unique needs of individuals with co-occurring illnesses, referred to as Dual Diagnosis. 

Prior to completion of the program, both mental health and addiction recovery patients will participate in a collaborative process with a licensed therapist to identify next steps and follow up care to enhance continued safety and life-long recovery.  The discharge planning process will assist in making appointments for ongoing care.
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