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Patient Experience Initiatives

At Shawnee Mission Health (SMH), patient satisfaction is our top priority. SMH promotes healing and wellness by offering unsurpassed clinical quality and compassionate care for the whole person. We have implemented unique services and initiatives to ensure each patient’s stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Interactive TV System

SMH’s Interactive Patient System, also known as Skylight, transforms existing patient room TVs into an interactive information, communication and entertainment platform. Patients can receive key information about the hospital, their stay and patient rights; request direct assistance from patient support departments; view on-demand health education by disease; provide real-time feedback through inpatient surveys; and enjoy entertainment with cable television, movies, music, Internet, e-mail and games. Skylight also features a real-time suggestions and concerns program to ensure staff can meet patients’ needs promptly.

Customized Room Service

Using the Interactive TV System, patients can order personalized meals in the convenience of their room through TouchPoint Dining. The meal ordering system displays menu items on the TV and patients can select their choices using the remote. Nutritional information accompanies the order summary and menu options are tailored to fit each patient’s dietary needs.

Bedside Shift Reports

Bedside shift reporting benefits patients and care providers in a variety of ways. Patients see and hear from the team of professionals providing their care. They know who their nurse is on every shift and they hear necessary information given to the oncoming staff to provide excellent care. The report keeps patients well informed and allows them to participate in their care, making them less anxious and more satisfied.

Hourly Rounding

Utilizing a proactive nursing approach to patient care, the practice of hourly rounding comes in the wake of research results showing that a strategy of consistently checking on patient needs effectively reduces monthly call-light use by 38 percent, patient falls by 50 percent, and skin breakdowns by 14 percent, while simultaneously increasing patient satisfaction.

Safety Huddle

This five- to 10-minute gathering at the beginning of each shift change gives us the information we need to work as a team. Both shifts assemble at the central nurses' station and the off-going staff report critical information on each patient, including code status, fall risk and other safety issues. The on-coming and off-going nurses then head to the bedsides for detailed reports. Safety Huddles increase safety awareness among front-line nursing staff and helps support a culture of safety throughout the hospital.

Condition Help

Condition Help was created to address patient needs in the event of an emergency or when a patient is unable to get the attention of a health care provider. By calling Ext. 78888 from the bedside telephone, you will be linked to the hospital’s 24-hour Rapid Response Team – a group of specially trained Intensive Care Nurses and Respiratory Therapists who assist in evaluating and decision making for patients who experience a decline in condition.

Quiet Time for Healing

“SHHH…..Silent Hospitals Help Healing.” In an effort to support a quiet healing environment, SMH has established a daily one-hour window of quiet time. The hospital's Quiet Time for Healing program instructs staff members to dim the lights in hallways and rooms for one hour of silence for patients and staff in the afternoon. Hospital associates typically use the time to catch up on charting and other administrative tasks, while patients are invited to enjoy a period of uninterrupted relaxation. Patients are still permitted to chat with visitors, watch television or enjoy a relaxation video but are asked to keep noise to a minimum in order to preserve the low-stress environment.

Spiritual Support

The Spiritual Development team is available to accommodate any patient or family member’s spiritual needs. A chaplain can visit patients at their bedside for prayer, communion and anointing, or just to talk. The chaplain is available to help families make decisions about the care of a loved one in the hospital and help them understand the patient’s situation. Grief support is offered for all who have experienced a loss in the hospital on an individual basis or in a class setting.


No one dies alone. Impending death can be a scary time. SMH believes in supporting every patient in any point of his or her stay by being present during their last hours if family is not available. Staff and volunteers are available on call by our nurses to be a human touch, a reassuring word as patients without family spend their last hours in the hospital.

Music Therapy

As you enter SMH, you are met by a musical serenade of calming music in the parking garages and entrances. We understand coming to the hospital as a patient or guest may cause anxiety and we have created an atmosphere designed to calm the senses from the minute you arrive. The power of music can be a profound impact to the healing process. SMH's Healing Concerts focus on practical musical solutions to help people learn about their personal healing journey. A wide range of music, from classical to popular, is presented while Janalea Hoffman, a pioneer in music therapy and founder of Rhythmic Medicine, demonstrates why each piece was specifically chosen for healing. 

Pet Visits

Interactions with pets encourage healing, boost the immune system and ease stress during a patient’s stay in the hospital. SMH coordinates pet visits through Mo-Kan Pet Partners twice a week to promote total healing and provide special entertainment for our patients.

Valet Parking

Shawnee Mission Medical Center provides valet parking at the main entrance to any guest or patient from 5 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. A valet is available to assist those with special needs, those in a hurry or those who just want to be pampered!

Individualized Pharmacy Consultation

If your visit to SMH requires you to become an inpatient, our team of pharmacists can offer you an individualized consultation to discuss your prescriptions and address any questions or concerns regarding your medications.

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