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Nursing at Shawnee Mission Health (SMH) has always been of critical importance to the patients, families, doctors and associates who make up the SMH community.  Committed to the standards of leadership, experience, resourcefulness and compassion, SMH nurses are the cornerstone to the hospital’s continued excellence, respect and success. Nurses are a key component in helping us provide patient care that is truly Much more than medicine.

Our nurses respond to challenges by continually improving themselves and their work environment for the benefit of SMH, its associates and patients.  From aiding in emergency room heroics to handling critical care patients with expertise and deep compassion, our nurses confront demanding situations with quick thinking, grace and good judgment. By supporting each other and working together, we are able implement and devise long-term goals and solutions to improve and strengthen SMH’s long-standing patient care tradition.

Nurses have always been an integral part of the planning process for the future and their contributions are not undervalued.  With the recent expansion of SMH and the addition of the Shawnee Mission Health - Prairie Star, nurses will be even more vital to SMH’s success.

Our nurses have endless opportunities to learn practical to profound lessons, and the daily ability to significantly impact the lives of patients and their families.  By investing in the education and training of our nursing staff, our goal is to empower and challenge SMH nurses to make the most of every opportunity for professional and personal growth for further excellence in all of nursing practice.

We are delighted that you are investigating nursing career opportunities at Shawnee Mission Health. Click on the links to the right for more information.
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